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Peoria Home is a 2 year residential recovery program for women exploited through sex trafficking, prostitution and addiction. Peoria’s residential program provides long-term secure housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors that drive women to desperate means for survival.

The vision of Peoria is that of women growing individually and collectively, while living in community. We seek to empower women by:

1) Providing a safe, pleasant home environment based on a community living model;

2) Helping residents to live honest, sober, and self-sufficient lives;

3) Providing educational and vocational opportunities;

4) Fostering self-understanding through personal and spiritual growth;

5) Providing life-skill building and maintenance education;

6) Providing a mechanism for income and asset development through Individual Development Accounts

7) Offering opportunities to work towards economic self-sufficiency in a therapeutic work environment with a social enterprise.


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