Potential residents are referred to Peoria from a variety of sources including alcohol and treatment centers, mental health facilities, penal systems, various social service programs and individuals. Upon referral, an individual is interviewed by telephone. Peoria staff reviews the application to determine if the woman meets the criteria for the program and if she can best be served by this agency. If a woman is accepted, she will be contacted regarding acceptance into the program. If an applicant is not accepted she will be given a list of referral agencies that may be better able to meet her needs.

If accepted the Program Services Director or the Residence Manager will introduce the new resident to the other residents, orient her to the house, and give her a Resident Handbook to begin reviewing.

Requirements for consideration into the program include:

1) Female, 18 years of age or older

2) History of sex trafficking and/or prostitution with or without a history of addiction

3) If addiction is present candidate must have 30 days sobriety and pass a urinalysis

4) Residents may not have children, partners or pets living with them