The Lighthouse ~ A Beacon of Hope

Written by Scott Mitchell, Peoria Home Board Member

As a lighthouse stands against the tumultuous seas as a steadfast light – love and hope can be a beacon to those who live in the darkest places of life. Knowing someone cares about you when you feel alone can bring about a glimpse of hope. Knowing someone is concerned about your well-being and your long-term health while you are in the trenches of life’s darkest places can be a light of love. These are some of the reasons Peoria Home has a lighthouse in it’s logo. We long to serve Snohomish County as a Beacon of Hope, Love, and Healing.

Peoria Home roots are bound in extending hope to women who have been isolated by societies injustice. We stand as a beacon of hope for women who have suffered from sex-trafficking, prostitution, and survival sex; offering them hope of a life free from sexual exploitation, and introducing them to a life full of love. There is such shame and cultural stigmatism attached to living in “the life.” It is no easy feat to escape a life of prostitution or sex trafficking. We stand here as a beacon of love, hope, and healing with arms wide open offering shelter for these women and loving them unconditionally.  There is no exploitation, but rather a desire to be of service and give each woman an opportunity to live a life in a community which heals suffering through love.

A lighthouse stands against the tumultuous seas as a steady light and Peoria Home stands ready, lovingly present in the lives of women who desire to escape “the life.” We will love them until they can love themselves. We will stand in the gap, advocate for love and hope on behalf of these women who have suffered so much. This may be the first beacon of hope many women have experienced. This hope and love is a healing presence in the life of women who have been abused and mistreated. When there is a feeling that the earth they stand on is shaky and unsteady, these women need to feel there is “hope,” and know someone has faith in their ability to reclaim a new path.  

Join us at Peoria Home as we seek to be a Beacon of Hope and Love to an otherwise invisible band of women in Snohomish County.  Help build a community where love and hope can foster a healthy community for women who have been exploited and abused. We continue to grow and are deeply committed to being a long-standing light in this community.