Whether we are really alone or feeling alone, it is one of the worst feelings we can have as human beings, particularly around the holidays. The despair, anxiety and the sense of loneliness is suffocating.  The darkness of feeling unvalued and abandoned penetrates the soul. Alone does not feel right. It can lead us down a path either in life, or in our minds knowing we will never be accepted.  We do not feel the healing nature of love when we feel alone.

As humans, we’re meant to live in community. Yet community has its challenges, and may not always be safe. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our community, we are subject to rejection as we stand fully revealed.  Self-doubt exposes our shame which can lead to isolation, and loneliness even we are surrounded by our community.  We can be alone as we stand in a crowd. We question our worthiness to be in the community and question if we deserve to be loved.

What if there was a community where love existed?  A community with “Love” can be a place of healing. We would not need to hide or be alone. Love, compassion and kindness can be found in community when those amongst us have the courage to walk in our truth.  We must walk through our fear, our self-doubt, and ready ourselves to release our past.  Community can grow out of love, authenticity, and hope.  We can build strength in community to shield us from the darkness of negativity, hate, and discontent.  If we look past the negative through the lens of love and view others in their best light, we rise above the aloneness.  Love must triumph over judgment. To acknowledge someone’s flaws, yet choose to behold their best attributes is a grace rarely seen, a healing grace to be known and loved. This type of community can exist.

We are creating this community at Peoria Home, where Love and Hope bring healing to women who have known the darkness of loneliness. We are inviting you to be a part of our community by allowing your Love and your Hope to shine into the darkest places of our community.

Join us in our The Thrill of Hope our year end campaign. .

This campaign is designed to allow you to join our community that desires to see these women know that they are not alone. For the month of December you can shine your light into these dark places and help us get Peoria Home open this coming year.