Why Peoria Home?

Why Peoria Home?

Our best estimates have shown that around 200 women and girls are sold for sex every night in Snohomish County. These are just estimates because it is difficult to get exact numbers due the hidden nature of this problem. This comes from local law enforcement and best guesses based on number of adds on sex for hire websites. 

1 in 6 runaways are sexually exploited. 

85% of women and girls in prostitution are controlled by a pimp. 

Force, fraud and coercion can look like many things and pimps do many things to keep these women enslaved. To get a deeper look into this read "Girls Like Us: Fighting for a world where girls are not for sale By: Rachel Lloyd

Our goal at Peoria Home is to illuminate a path for survivors of sex-trafficking so that she can reclaim a life of freedom! 

We will fight for these women in Snohomish County to show them hope, healing, love and freedom. We want you to join us in this fight. Please share this video so that more people know what is going on in our community in regards to modern day slavery. 

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If you'd like to give you can do that here as we fight to reverse this sad reality in our community. 

If you'd like to get more involved and volunteer to help end the local sex trade reach out to us here and help us shine a light into this dark world.  

We are passionate about sharing the hope that we have to those who feel hopeless. Join us in this fight today! 




Whether we are really alone or feeling alone, it is one of the worst feelings we can have as human beings, particularly around the holidays. The despair, anxiety and the sense of loneliness is suffocating.  The darkness of feeling unvalued and abandoned penetratesyour soul. Alone does not feel right. It can lead us down paths either in life or our minds knowing we will never be accepted, and with rejection we do not feel the healing nature of love.

The Lighthouse ~ A Beacon of Hope

The Lighthouse ~ A Beacon of Hope

As a lighthouse stands against the tumultuous seas as a steadfast light – love and hope can be a beacon to those who live in the darkest places of life. Knowing someone cares about you when you feel alone can bring about a glimpse of hope. Knowing someone is concerned about your well-being and your long-term health while you are in the trenches of life’s darkest places can be a light of love. These are some of the reasons Peoria Home has a lighthouse in it’s logo. We long to serve Snohomish County as a Beacon of Hope and Love and Healing.

What About The Victims?

There is not a consistent type or profile of a trafficking victim.  Based on U.S. federal law, trafficked persons in the U.S. can be men or women, adults or children, and foreign nationals or U.S. citizens.  Some are well-educated, while others have no formal education.  Some immigrant victims are currently in the U.S. legally, and others are undocumented.  Some form of vulnerability tends to be the common thread amongst all different trafficking victims.