Norene Laggart 

Executive Director

Norene has been an active volunteer with Peoria Home since planning meetings convened in 2013 to create Peoria Home.  She held a board position, until she was hired as the Executive Director in February 2018.  She met Paula while working as a Victim Advocate for the Providence Intervention Center for Abuse and Assault in Everett, WA. With the desire to change her career path, she returned to school at Antioch University Seattle and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in the Psychology of Women’s Trauma and Healing. Working as a Victim Advocate is very rewarding work. However, when you don't have resources to offer a woman who has been brutalized through sexual exploitation it is very frustrating and disheartening.  "I'm proud to be part of the creation of Peoria Home, in addition to educating our community on the critical need for this resource. Housing is the first element of providing a safe environment for the healing and beginning to restore their lives. These  victimized women are  someone's mother, daughter, niece or cousin. The stereotype must be broken. I have traveled to Thistle Farms located in Nashville, TN, the model of residential recovery program we are replicating.  The tremendous work these women have done to change their lives is absolutely remarkable. We too, can do this in Snohomish County, yet it can not be done alone. This is a call to action for our community." -Norene